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Ancient Grains Sprouting Up

19 February 2015
Written by Hannah
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If you thought you had discovered all of the ancient grains that seem to have an unending ride on the wave of what’s trending, think again.  The oxymoron of all oxymorons, there seems to be no shortage of “new” ancient grains - there’s sorghum, amaranth, quinoa, spelt, farro, kamut and teff.  The latest wave is sprouted grains.  Popping up all over (no pun intended) the sprouted version of these power packed grains is taking the market by storm, according to London-based New Nutrition Business which is highlighted a recent article from Store Brands reports that “sales of products featuring sprouted grains are on track to reach more than $250 million by 2018”.  

Store Brands describes the sprouting process like this: “a seed is basically a storage container for grain, keeping everything inert until the conditions are just right for the germ to digest the endosperm and begin growing. And at that point, studies show, the nutrients held by the plant become more bioavailable in the human body.”

So what’s the draw?  Enhanced nutritional benefits!  Sprouted grains contain a higher amount of soluble fiber than that found in "regular" grains. Sprouted grains also contain higher levels of certain minerals and vitamins and stand up to heat processing better than regular grains, according to consumer advocacy group Whole Grains Council. In addition, these "good grains" are naturally gluten-free and provide a healthy snacking alternative to those looking to avoid carb heavy snacks. 

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