Peruvian Food in Vogue

08 July 2014
Written by Hannah

Apparently we’re in fashion - according to a recent study conducted by Packaged facts, 57% of American Culinary Federation chefs who voted in the “What’s Hot for 2014” survey named Peruvian food the top trend in the ethnic cuisines and flavors category.  On the heels of the “International Year of Quinoa” this puts us, as a long-time packager and distributor of Peruvian food, in vogue. 

One of my first childhood jobs here at Raymond-Hadley was packing purple corn.  Now, some twenty years later, purple corn is the star of the Peruvian food rage being hailed for its nutritional properties and cancer-inhibiting flavonoid. 

Our Peruvian product line includes everything from Aji peppers (dried and paste formulations), lima beans, Peruvian harinas of many varieties, black, white and red quinoa, maiz trillado blanco and amarillo and Papa Seca among other things.  A full list of our products, including our Peruvian branded items, can be found on our site here

Data summarized from  Read highlights of the report here.