Quality Control

We build quality into our processes and are always improving through our culture of continuous improvement. There are many risks to manufacturing safe, quality food, and our systems are built to mitigate these risks, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your brand being compromised. An abbreviated look at a few of our processes:

Supplier Selection & Approval:
All of our raw material suppliers are vetted through an intense supplier approval process that reviews FSMA-compliance, GFSI 3rd party audit reports and corrective actions, plant flow charts and critical food safety processes & controls, among many other documents. Simply put, we do not source products from suppliers that do not have sufficient controls in place to ensure the food safety & quality of our (and your) products. This process has received accolades from customer and 3rd party auditors and is the foundation of our food safety & quality program. Ensuring the quality of our incoming raw materials provides a foundation of quality from the start.

Receipt of Raw Materials:
Once raw materials hit our docks, they are inspected by our people to ensure the food safety & quality have not been compromised, and the certificate of analysis matches the published specification for each material. Allergens present are identified and labeled appropriately, and materials are stored accordingly. Our storage practices mitigate unnecessary cross-contamination risk.

Our people are thoroughly trained on cGMP’s and food safety & quality assurance are built into all of our processing & manufacturing processes. Control of allergens is our #1 priority and this is ensured through our changeover procedures. These procedures (including equipment sanitation & in-house allergen protein testing) remove the risk of cross-contamination during allergen changeovers. We have never had an instance of cross-contamination of allergens in our plant.

Environmental Monitoring:
We proactively monitor our 90,000 sq. ft. plant and processing equipment to ensure all potential risks to food safety or quality of the products we manufacture are identified and controlled, so you don’t have to.